Burner Management

Emissions Control

Thermal Oxidizer

Evaporative Cooler

Dry Scrubber

Chemical Metering

Adiabatic Quench

Packed Tower

pH control

Selective Catalytic

Chlorine Injection

Ammonia Gas Leak



Our Products are HOT...Combustion

PI Elements, Inc. provides equipment and system solutions to the industrial and manufacturing marketplace. Our industry seasoned personnel utilize decades of experience to solve your utility, energy, or process problems. PI Elements, Inc. provides our customers with a broad range of technical equipment and service specialties. These include:

In Addition...

We are a distributor of all Oberon PPE products. Please see click on the link below to view our product page where you can find more information and an arc flash only version of the Oberon catalog with PI recommended items. For more detailed information, please call Sales at 864-334-5085 or email at sales@pintegration.com.

Oberon PPE product page